Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas requires a credit card to make a reservation for a boat tour.  If you DO NOT submit a valid credit card, your reservation will not be processed.  Please be aware that your credit card will be charged  Additionally, you MUST cancel directly with the tour company (not Canyon Country Online, LLC) 24 hours or more before your scheduled departure to avoid a charge for a no show.  This information will be provided in your confirmation.

Please note that a minimum of 15 passenger is required for all tours, otherwise, the tour company will cancel.  We are not notified of their cancelations, and it is possible you could arrive at the tour desk to discover that your tour has been canceled, despite having a confirmed reservation. However, this is rare.

Use this form to submit a reservation request for a Boat Tour of Lake Powell. Your reservation is not considered confirmed until Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas has successfully processes your request.  Submitting a form does NOT guarantee a reservation. 

Your email address is kept strictly confidential. Because all information will be sent to you via email, please use an account you check regularly.  If you do not hear from us within 72 hours, this means there is a problem with your address and you will need to contact us again at

After receipt, we will forward an email acknowledging your form.  Once processed, we will forward a formal confirmation to you showing your reservation along with , cancellation policy, contact information, etc.

Boat Tours

Payment Policy:
Tours  will be guaranteed on a credit card upon booking. The credit card will be processed at the time of booking

Rates do not include taxes or energy surcharge.

Cancellation Policy:

Tour seats must be cancelled 24 hours prior to arrival to avoid being charged


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